Applying to Dental School? How to Write a Winning Dental School Personal Statement


"Your Personal Statement should address why you desire to pursue a dental education and how a dental degree contributes to your personal and professional goals." After this open-ended statement lies a blank box on the AADSAS dental application for you to wow admissions committees with your courageous goals and impressive Continue reading “Applying to Dental School? How to Write a Winning … [Read more...]

Personal Statements: Don’t Live in the Past!


There is a very common mistake many students make while writing their personal statement that can turn a promising essay into yet another unremarkable retelling of your personal history. What's the mistake? Focusing on the past, and ONLY the past. Don't do it! Past incidents that have inspired and motivated Continue reading “Personal Statements: Don’t Live in the Past!” … [Read more...]

How to End Your Personal Statement


The body of your personal statement should contain compelling stories from your life and personal insights that demonstrate who you are and how you standout from other applicants (Source). But those persuasive pieces are only effective when they serve to illustrate your ultimate goal or motivation for writing the Continue reading “How to End Your Personal Statement” » … [Read more...]

What is a Personal Statement Template?

Update -- You can find personal statement templates as well as sample essays here. -- Don Osborne -- The students I coach always find great results when they write their personal statement for graduate school when they follow a specific model all along Continue reading “What is a Personal Statement Template?” » … [Read more...]

Where to Find Dental School Personal Statement Samples?

  You dental school applicants don't get it easy: The dental school application process is just as challenging as the medical school application process but there are so few USEFUL resources online aimed to help you write the best dental school personal Continue reading “Where to Find Dental School Personal Statement Samples?” » … [Read more...]