Tech Startups Increasing MBA Hiring in 2013

Tech startups are hiring at a pace faster than you can click ‘Like’.

About 87 percent of tech startups surveyed in a study by Silicon Valley Bank are looking to bolster their ranks with college grads and MBAs, notes tech daily news site Mashable. Software companies are the most aggressive of the bunch, with about 90 percent of these firms looking to hire young grads. That’s good news for job creation watchers and economists.

The Right Candidate

What types of candidates are these tech startups interested in hiring? The study said well-rounded candidates with experience and education in STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) fields were the most likely. Candidates with relevant business skills are even more likely to be hired, noted the 750 U.S. startup executives surveyed. About 82 percent mentioned those as the most desired traits.

Hiring is Up

Are you studying in a Masters of Business Administration Program? Then chances are good you’ll find you’re being wooed by a startup recruiter at some point. The Spring 2013 Recruiting Trends Survey by the MBA Career Services Employer Alliance showed that students with MBA degrees are in high demand in the startup marketplace. Nearly 50% of the surveyed schools showed on-campus recruiting activity. MBA blog Poets and Quants reported that more of the campus recruiting activity among 84 surveyed business schools came from companies less than a year old.

Getting hired for these jobs can be a great boost up the career ladder for an MBA graduate. For example, you might be taking MBA-level courses for the San Diego MBA at Alliant University, and achieving high grades. Once the student has graduated, this potent combination can help lead to Silicon Valley opportunities for the focused individual.

Why Startups Are Attractive

Young candidates are often attracted to startups for the chance to wear a lot of different hats while at work. Instead of being hired to do one job in a traditional company, a startup may attract the most flexible thinkers to use their talents across a wide array of areas. This could include operations, distribution, strategy, marketing, financials and more.

For some young candidates, working at a startup can be a challenging but exciting opportunity. By trying on different hats and working on different teams, employees have an ample opportunity to make a mark on the organization in different ways. Recruiters often solicit employees who have taken on various company roles for new opportunities a year or two down the line, as well.

Other Work Options

If working at a tech startup is not your thing, there are other routes for the ambitious and well-rounded MBA graduate. Some master’s degree graduates are looking at non-traditional paths for work and adventure. While tech and finance jobs are a solid call to many graduates, there are others who show more altruistic traits and seek new opportunities with non-profits, public service organizations, entrepreneur work within charity institutions, and NGOs (non-governmental organizations).

MBA candidates can find an amazing amount of work and career path options outside of standard traditions. The time to research these options is now.

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