What’s On Your Mind? Give Me Your Pain, Your Anxiety


What’s on your mind?

Something brought you here, to this page that you’re reading now. If you have an unresolved problem about getting in to grad school — Med school, dental school, allied health schools, mba or law school — describe it in the comments below.

I’ll write an answer and post a link to the answer for you. Then I’ll email you and send it to you.

Think of this page as the world’s largest FAQ for grad admissions, with a twist: You’re creating it.




  1. Ana says

    I am concerened about mentioning that I struggled in my undergraduate years because of panic disorder/social phobia, and that is something that I wasn’t able to conquer until after my graduation. But it was a MAJOR factor in why my grades/courses were not completed with the best grades! Any suggestions?

    • says

      Hi Ana — Fer sure … here’s a suggestion for you. Instead of ‘confessing’ and elaborating on some long story about panic disorder/social phobia, why not say that you experienced ‘anxiety’ and that you overcame it after graduation?
      That way you can talk about the impact it had on your grades without raising a red flag for adcoms. Good?

      • Ana says

        Thanks, that sounds good, and what if they bring it up during an interview? Do I still stick to the script?

        • says

          Yes absolutely stick to the script; there’s definitely zero / none/ NO benefit to suddenly creating huge concerns about your ability to complete medical school during the interview. Yikes! -DonO

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