What the internet gets wrong about the medical school secondary application

The amount of attention given to something helps you to infer its importance — If nobody is talking about it, then it must not be important, right? Based on the tiny amount of chatter online relating to the medical school secondary application, you’d think it’s not a very important part of the admissions process.

Well, the internet is wrong. The medical school secondary application essays are extremely important because medical school admissions committees give them a lot of weight — as much weight as the other more-discussed topics like the personal statement and experience descriptions.

Where can you go to get medical school secondary help?

  • On-campus adviser — but they are closed, on vacation, or unwilling to help you for more than ten minutes
  • Friends and family who have applied – they are already in med school, so they’re too busy
  • Professors — too busy and not interested
  • Internet forums like StudentDoctor — You can’t be sure about the credibility of an anonymous reader
  • Paid consultants — Good, but expensive. Hundreds or thousands of dollars.
Secondary application questions and answers
You asked, I answered. Huge secondary application resource. Read more.
The biggest secondary application mistakes
Avoid these critical secondary errors and your essays will shine Read more.

I try to pick up where other resources leave off by frequently writing about the secondary, and I’ve built up a pretty sizable collection of articles that you can find here.

I’ve also created an online video course that walks you through the entire process, beginning to end.

  • How to answer all 11 common secondary prompts — Easily write original and persuasive essays
  • How to write and submit excellent secondaries within 24-48 hours of receiving them — Learn why speed is everything!

You can find medical school admissions editors to review your secondary essays, but their services are more expensive than the average premed can afford. Most of the time you really only need a shove in the right direction, and that’s what my online course will do for you at a very affordable price. Check out “How to Write Your Medical School Secondary Application” now to see why it’s the best affordable help available.

Learn the secret to writing the best secondary essays

Will you be ready when medical schools send you pile after pile of secondary applications? Learn how you can pre-write your answers.

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