Need Medical School Interview Help? Here’s an Inexpensive Option

When you search online for medical school interview help, you’ll find these options:

  • Self-help books and articles
  • Written experiences from premeds at forums like
  • Expensive mock interview services from medical school admissions consulting services

Which resources are actually going to prepare you for your interview, and which ones are worth your time and money? There are a few flaws with these interview preparation resources that you need to know about before you move forward.

  • Self-help books and articles only give you general information that’s hard to use in a real life interview
  • Written experiences from premeds give you good info about the types of questions medical schools ask, but not much more
  • Mock interview services help you polish your interview skills, but they cost hundreds of dollars
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What’s the Best Interview Prep Option?
After you’ve browsed a few articles online and rejected the idea of a $500 mock interview, what’s next? You still need to know how to answer the questions you’ll face at an interview and you’re still not sure if your whole approach to interviewing is right or not.

The inexpensive option that I recommend to anyone who doesn’t want to go broke from mock interview prep is my online interview course. The course picks up where other online resources leave off, and it’s very affordable for all premeds.

The medical school interview video course has 19 videos that cover the interview from top to bottom:

  • How to answer all the common interview questions — don’t be left stunned by any “surprise” questions
  • How to come across as the most prepared and poised applicant, even if interviews make you nervous
  • How to avoid all the common interview cliches and mistakes

Check out the medical school interview video course now to see why it’s the best option for you.


A medical school interview video course that shows you how to answer all the questions

19 videos and 4 guides showing you how to ace your medical school interviews by giving confident and unique answers.

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