What is a Personal Statement Template?

One of our free personal statement templates

Update — You can find personal statement templates as well as sample essays here. – Don Osborne

How to write a winning medical school personal statement
Writing a personal statement that works comes down to this... Read more.
What is a personal statement template?
A personal statement template will help you write a better essay faster. Read more.

The students I coach always find great results when they write their personal statement for graduate school when they follow a specific model all along the way. I have previously discussed how sample personal statements give you a model to follow while you write your own personal statement.

But using a sample essay as your only model to follow can be tricky if you get too caught up in the content of the sample essay and ignore the overall purpose of the essay.

A successful personal statement for grad school includes more than just a few interesting anecdotes, rather, it is the culmination of stories, analysis, and transitions that create an impactful personal statement that will stick in the minds of admissions readers as they consider your application.

In this post, I’ll explain what a personal statement template is and how a personal statement template will help you piece together the components of your essay so each and every word you write makes your reader want to read more.

What is a personal statement template?

You can brainstorm past experiences to include in your personal statement for graduate school — that’s the easy part. The hard part is connecting those experiences together to give your paper a clear theme that consistently directs your reader to your motivation.

A personal statement templates is a step-by-step “structure guide” that shows you how to piece together your ideas using seamless transitions and persuasive literary techniques.

You still have to provide the content, but you simply plug your content into the template and the template does the hard work of building a cohesive essay.

When you use both a personal statement template and a personal statement sample,you structure your essay with persuasive content in the same way that has worked for graduate school applicants in the past.

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