Personal Statements: Don’t Live in the Past!

There is a very common mistake many students make while writing their personal statement that can turn a promising essay into yet another unremarkable retelling of your personal history.

What’s the mistake? Focusing on the past, and ONLY the past. Don’t do it! Past incidents that have inspired and motivated you can be excellent an excellent way to demonstrate who you are and who you will become, but only if you can clearly and convincingly link your past to your future goals.

Graduate schools wants to you to convince them that you will be a contribute to their program for years to come, and later become a leader in your discipline. If you only discuss how motivated and dedicated you were in the past without linking the lessons you learned to SPECIFIC future motivations, your admissions reader will not be convinced that you will be a beneficial addition to their program because you haven’t connected your past with anything that has to do with their program.

The personal statement gives you two BIG persuasive opportunities: 1.) To pat yourself on the back for the things you have already done 2.) To present a forward-thinking and ambitious plan for your future in medicine.

Take BOTH opportunities and you’ll come across as a well-rounded individual prepared for any program you choose.

Grab our collection of sample personal statements to see how other students in the past talked their way into graduate school by writing outstanding personal statements.

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