Your One-Two Punch for Picking Medical Schools

Every premed faces the same challenge: you are getting close to the admissions deadline, but you still haven’t figured out which medical schools you’re going to apply to.


Here is a convenient and easy solution to the problem: 1) Pick up a copy of the Medical School Admissions Requirements Manual (MSAR) and 2) Get an online subscription to the US News medical school rankings section. This way, you have both the things that these specific medical school require at your fingertips, and you also have a third-party evaluation of the medical schools that you are considering.

For an even bigger impact, add a third book  to your library. Pick up a copy of Princeton Review’s “Guide to the Top 168 Medical Schools.” That book will give you insights from other medical school students as well as insider details regarding each school.

With these three books in your library, you have the best combination of resources available to help you make much-needed and quick decisions regarding where you will be applying to medical school.

Any other ideas or resources you’d like to share? Add them in the comments, woot!

Other Recommended Resources for Picking Medical Schools

Medical School Admissions Blueprint – An invaluable online course that includes a detailed school selection strategy and a complete medical school admissions plan for success.

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