Your Ideal Premedical Admissions Timeline – Action Plan

I often refer to an “ideal admissions timeline” in articles and blogposts on the site. Rather than retyping that information over and over, I thought I’d write the timeline here and then link to it.

Your Ideal Pre-med Admissions Timeline

More than 1 year before you apply Get a comprehensive understanding of the overall admissions process
9 to 12 months before you apply Start MCAT prep
6 months before you apply Ask for Recommendation Letters
3 months before you apply Take the MCAT
2 months before you apply Update your resume
2 months before you apply Write your personal statement
1 month before you apply Print out unofficial transcripts from all colleges you’ve attended
Application date Complete the AMCAS or ADSAS applications
On receipt Write your secondary applications
Summer after you apply
Prepare for interviews
Winter after you apply
Write update letters (The Do’s and Dont’s of update letters)

Learn more about the ideal application timeline, and learn how to get your application verified by AMCAS in this video

Resources I have that can help

Keep in mind that the timeline above is an ideal, aka perfect, picture. Your mileage may vary, and the timeline above may not fit with your current reality and your life.

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