Researching the Toughest Med School Interview Questions

You are in the middle of your very first medical school interview. The interviewer asks, “What do you think is the biggest problem in medicine, and why?”

the toughest medical school interview questions

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Here is that super-tough question, a significant challenge that could be very difficult to answer, or it’s a big opportunity for you to really shine during your interview. The question is, how do you prepare yourself for this question?

You can read through news magazines and Op/Ed articles yourself, trying to figure out answers from the point of view of political journalists, but another choice is to take advantage of the Great Challenges section of the website.

On this site, TedMed summarizes the 20 greatest challenges of health and medicine. From managing chronic disease, to the caregiver crisis, all the way through to childhood obesity, TedMed gives you insights into the most challenging problems of medicine and healthcare today.

I encourage you to look through the contents of the Great Challenges, and inform yourself to get clear on your own viewpoint about which challenges you find to be the most difficult.

Use the Great Challenges as your practice resource for handling some of the hottest questions during the medical school interview with poise. You’ll be proud of your answer, and the interviewer will be very, very impressed.

What about the other tough interview questions?

After you get a handle on the “biggest problem in medicine” question, you’ll need to start practicing your response to the other difficult interview questions:

  • The ethics question
  • The “Why this school?” question
  • The “tell us about yourself” open-ended question
  • and many more

Make the interview easy by learning how to build your own unique and persuasive answers after you enroll in my online Medical School Interview Video Course.


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