[Video] Smart MCAT prep will boost your confidence and your score

When it comes to MCAT prep, take your time, but use it well!

Without a strong MCAT score, your dreams of completing medical school and a launching career in healing are in jeopardy.

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While grades, clinic work, and research projects will be important parts of your application, your MCAT scores will be weighed heavily by the schools you are applying for. “Academic models” want to show students taking the MCAT as quickly as possible. But it’s important that you prepare well for this vital part of your medical school application process.

Smart, early preparation is the secret to a high MCAT score. Immerse yourself in your study and preparation process. Take classes that specialize prepping for the MCAT; study with friends who are also taking the test. Take a year to get ready for the test that is going to propel you to the rest of your career goals.

The end result will be the key to an important beginning for your medical career.

Video: How Confidence Can Help You Improve Your MCAT Score

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